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One of the most common questions among business owners is: “Is it necessary to take my business online”? In this modern world, where almost anything is searchable online there are still traditional “brick-and-mortar” stores that are not aware of what Google My Business is and how crucial it is in today’s ever-competitive digital industry.

If you’re one of these owners who still stick to conventional form marketing then you’re probably missing out on more potential clients in the digital space.

Professional Website Builder, Lees Summit

This is where your team at Professional Website Builders comes into the picture. For many years, we have offered Google My Business optimization solutions to help you reach your business goals. We take pride in helping thousands of businesses throughout Lees Summit, MO, USA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Newcastle, UK, Miami, Florida, United States, Manila, Philippines, and Lahore, Pakistan who are struggling to acquire new leads and boost sales.

With us, we can help you claim a rightful position and be on top of Google for local searches related to your industry.

Why Your Offline Business Needs A Strong Online Presence

First, let’s define what traditional “brick-and-mortar” businesses are. These are the kinds of businesses that have physical locations. They sell physical products and services either through the person, phone, or email and do not sell their physical products or services on multiple online platforms.

Now, if you’re planning to have a thriving business and a stronger customer network base, taking your business online is the best thing to do. Whether you are launching a website, running a social media page, or owning an e-commerce store, having a strong digital presence comes with vast opportunities

We listed below the reasons why you need to establish an online presence:

  • Establish trust and brand authority with your audience.
  • Create an easy way for potential clients to reach you and engage with them.
  • Market your brand to a wider clientele.
  • Get over control of location barriers.
  • Establish stronger relationships with your existing and potential clients.
  • Provide better customer experience and support round the clock.
  • Cut unnecessary operating costs.
  • Research other top competitors to improve your overall business strategies for growth.

The internet plays an integral role in acquiring fresh potential customers. You can maximize this by turning them into qualified leads for conversion. 

With Professional Website Builders, we can help you leverage this opportunity to optimize your customer experience and satisfaction. 

Google My Business Defined

As the name suggests, Google My Business lets you make a business listing on Google. GMB enables you to include all the essential information that customers need for them to convince them to purchase your product, visit your physical restaurant, and hire your services.

As Google dominates the internet users, it is the widely used search engine across the globe. It boasts a stunning search market share of 70% and counting. Launching a Google My Business account on Google is beneficial, especially for promoting and marketing your business and providing all the important information to your potential customers.

Where Does Google My Business Appear?

If you are still wondering how GMB exactly works and where it appears, you may try searching for a business on Google. A small profile on the right side of the search results is Google My Business will appear and shows details like store location, opening and closing hours, and reviews among other details.

Although some of the essential information is already provided on your website, Google My Business optimizes all the content that you incorporate for consistency. This information will appear across Google+, Google Search, and Google Maps.

How Much Is Google My Business?

Creating an account for Google Business Listing is free. Having a GMB account, you can now easily connect and engage with your diverse customers through Google networks. 

Of course, if you know how to fully use GMB at its optimal, it can leverage your sales and revenue by providing all the relevant insights about your client base.

Use Google My Business For A Thriving Online Presence

Regardless of the size of your business, if you don’t have a Google My Business account, you are probably losing big time in the competition. GMB is a great digital marketing arsenal to generate more traffic and business as well as to set your business apart from the rest in Google.

Through Google Business Listing, managing your company’s appearance on Google search results is made easy. For example, GMB provides all the relevant information to your target market about your business. All of the information is accessible in one click when they see your business on Google or search for keywords related to your products and services.

Google My Business is beneficial in terms of:

  • Making it easy for you to reach and engage with potential clients for free.
  • Building a great impression and authority to your audience by having a great business profile.
  • Establishing a trustworthy image coming from customers.
  • Essential for boosting your website visitor and revenue.

According to statistics, almost 80% use Google as their medium for searching. It only goes to show that consumers strongly depend on Google’s first page and top results to find the products and services they are looking for. And for that reason why creating a GMB account is something that should be included in your list.

Make the Most of Your Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a dynamic tool that provides brands a simple yet powerful avenue to draw your potential customers through search. If you know how to make the most of your GMB account you can:

  • Easily provide up-to-date information for your company profile anytime. By downloading the Google My Business app, you can edit your profile at your convenience.
  • Display all your products and services using vibrant and aesthetically appealing visuals. You can incorporate a wide array of professional images or videos of your business offerings to attract your target market.
  • Capture the interest of your consumers through positive reviews from your satisfied clients. Businesses that have 5-star ratings or positive feedback on their profile are useful to leverage your click-through and conversion rates.
  • Have a detailed overview of how GMB can help to grow your business. These insights are useful by allowing you to monitor calls or site visits, and more
  • Spread the word of mouth regarding your company, and even share all the latest offers in different ways such as texts, photos, or videos.

Generate Customer Engagement Using Google with GMB

To ensure you are using GMB at its optimal and maintain relevant information on Google, take note of the following:

  • Make sure to avoid doing prohibited activities and the content must be well-delivered.
  • Provide all essential details accurately like business address, contact information, opening and closing hours, and/or service area.
  • Always be consistent when it comes to your branding throughout all other social media networks.
  • Define your business that is in line with your goals, objectives, and core values.

Google Business Listing is an essential digital marketing arsenal that can help to build your brand image. Maximize this tool to your advantage and always ensure your business information is up-to-date and correct. Your core business information must contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Business Address
  • Contact number
  • Business description
  • Website address
  • Attributes
  • Category
  • Among others

Leverage GMB To Market Your Business In The Digital Space

If you don’t have time to set up a GMB account or just want to focus on the operational side of your business, you could also find a reliable digital marketing partner to help you with Google My Business. 

At Professional Website Builders, we can help you boost your local online visibility using the right SEO methods. Being a full-service digital marketing agency, you can have peace of mind to trust your brand’s online marketing through tried-and-tested local SEO strategies, detailed insights, and manifest proven results.

Our Premium Listings Tool Increases Your Visibility Online

There are tons of potential customers looking for basic information online. 

The unique system of Professional Website Builders helps you to get listed accurately on Google. We can help you set up, optimize and manage directories such as Google My Business, get found easily, and manage your reviews to protect your reputation.

Google My Business is an essential component of a successful local SEO strategy. When strategically creating and optimizing your Google My Business listing, the Professional Website Builders team will utilize our decades of search engine expertise and knowledge to make your business appear on top of the local searches as possible. 

When Professional Website Builders take control of your Google My Business account, we’ll ensure to fully maximize the performance in your local area. Our Google My Business package comprises image optimization, keyword research, page optimization, listing verification, ongoing maintenance, and other customized SEO methods that are tailored to your business needs. 

Our services will help your business reach Google’s ranks and drive in more qualified leads and boost your sales.

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