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If your epoxy flooring business has skyrocketed without a website, you might be wondering why you might be needing one after all. What’s the point if your business is already thriving by simply having a website? In these modern days, having a website is critical for the success of your business, regardless of what industry you are in. 

Fortunately, you have a team that you can depend on at Professional Website Builders to develop your stunning and high-converting website. Our passion and attention to detail make us the most-qualified team in Missouri–helping businesses of all sizes.

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Importance Of Having A Website For Epoxy Flooring Business

Today, a lot of businesses don’t realize that the majority of potential customers will rely on websites before making a purchase or hiring a service. A strong online presence, in particular a website, can be either make or break for generating leads and boosting revenue. A good website is your best digital marketing arsenal to make a good first impression. 

Moreover, it is a good platform for showcasing your product/service and building a good reputation online.

In the past years, we found out that many epoxy flooring companies do not have a website. The prime reason is that they worry they are not tech-geek enough in building and managing a website. Other times some epoxy flooring companies are overwhelmed by the price of building a professional and functional website.

The good news is that there is a solution to your dilemma by hiring our team would save your time trying to learn how to manage a website.

6 Benefits of Having Your Website Build By Professionals

Launching a website offers a wide variety of benefits for the epoxy flooring business. These benefits keep on skyrocketing in value through the years, just like your business itself. And here are some of the most common benefits:

Build Your Business Credibility

The main reason why you should invest in a website is to leverage your credibility. 84% of consumers consider that a website can make you look more professional, compared to companies who use social media for business promotion. Without a website, people might question the credibility of your business. Chances that competition is tough and some rival companies also offer the same services in your area. 

To win over the competition, a good website is needed to communicate top-notch quality information about your services. As a result, it will give people the comfort and peace of mind that you are a real epoxy flooring business.

On top of that, a website gives you the ability to be entitled to a branded email address (example: It’s another contributing professionalism factor to your audience.

Strong Brand Awareness

A well-designed website is a great way to display your brand to your potential customers. By establishing who your business is all about, who you are, how you do your work, what services you offer, and what you stand for in the industry(e.g. quality craftsmanship), you leverage the chance of people to hire you.

This is something that can help you raise in the competition. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a website, it can be challenging for people to find reliable information about your business. It will be more likely to jump over to your competitors instead.

Boost Your Visibility in Search Engines

If your epoxy flooring website is well SEO-optimized, it can help your business to rank well for a wide array of searched terms. For instance, it can appear as epoxy flooring, polished concrete, or garage flooring. This means that when a visitor is searching for particular terms, the possibility is high that your website will be visible and appear in their search results. 

This provides you lots of opportunities to generate new potential leads for your business and skyrocket your revenue in no flat time.

A website can also allow your old customers to review your business. Having positive reviews on Google coming from your past and satisfied customers can increase your credibility and drive in new customers.

Effective Lead Generation

Once customers find your business online and become interested in the services you provide, they have their ways of reaching you through your website. You can include your contact information on every page of your website to make it easy for people to call you at their convenience 24/7. Another way is that you can also custom design contact forms that can gather all the essential information you need from customers. 

Saving Your Time And Robust Customer Service

It might be overwhelming between holding the tools while at the same time answering inquiries and phone calls. If you miss a call from a potential customer, they might feel unsatisfied with your customer service and will just jump to a competitor’s website. Moreover, calls can also distract you from focusing on the most critical part of your business- doing epoxy flooring.

A website that displays all essential information about the services you offer can lessen all the unnecessary calls and boost internal productivity. Moreover, it also helps customers find useful information that is already displayed on your website without the need to call, which gives an all-year-round better customer experience.

Online Marketing

In this digital world, using traditional marketing forms to generate new customers is useless. Meanwhile, digital marketing is more dynamic, less expensive, and less hassle especially if you hire pros to build the website for you. The results are visible with less hard work and are a great tool if you want to have a thriving business.

But powerful digital marketing is senseless if you do not have a website. Your epoxy flooring website becomes crucial for every business growth. If you don’t have one, we highly encourage you to get one and trust the experts at Professional Website Builders to develop it for you.

Why Your Construction Business Needs A Website

Generate Leads

Your construction website plays as your online business card. Especially now that more and more consumers turn to the Internet in search of reliable companies. Consumers tend to search the Internet for relevant information about local businesses. 

Homeowners rely on a contractor’s website to get an overview and in-depth information about their business. In a nutshell, a fully-functional and beautiful website acts as your sales pitch, price estimate, portfolio, and business card all rolled into one!

Establish Long Relationships

Another good reason your construction company needs a contracting website is to trigger communication with your potential client. By consistently displaying your contact information and providing an easy way to reach you, homeowners can begin a conversation by filling out a form, calling, and requesting a quote. To ensure you can broaden your reach, linking your website to your social accounts makes it easier for people to stay in touch!

Create A Great First Impression That Lasts!

Now is the time to make the first impression that lasts by launching a professionally-crafted website. Showing off your best work empowers your audience to browse more and see your digital showroom. Displaying genuine customer reviews on your construction website builds trust and can potentially change their opinion of your business.

Showcase Your Work

A compelling website strongly shows the services you provide that give you a competitive edge above the others. Your customers would love to see past projects or portfolios you’ve completed. We can include a photo gallery that will skyrocket the number of potential customers your website generates.

Displaying before-and-after photos is a powerful way to establish trust among your customers to keep them coming back.

Market Yourself 

When you make it easy for prospects to connect, you can drastically increase your visibility and leverage your construction business. It helps to build a strong network of contacts in the long run. With appropriately constructed, your contracting website generates plenty of leads for a thriving business.

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